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Do you have Documents,

like for example, the Birth Certificate, Certificates, like your Marriage Certificate or Work Permit, that need an attested translation?

Then you have found the right place:

We translate everything, quick and smart.

Certified translation

A certified or sworn translation is a translation made by a professionally certified translator. This assures you that the content of the translated document fully stands for the original document under any kind of procedure. This kind of translation is often demanded in official and legal procedures. This is the case for documents which are to be presented in front of official Organizations, Institutions or Authorities from countries for whom the language of said documents is not accepted. Certified translations are usually demanded for the following documents:

  • Court rulings, police reports and criminal records, Marriage certificates, Work Permits, References, Contracts.

  • School, Vocational certificates or University degrees

  • Notarised documents

  • Further legal documents


A certified sworn translation is a legally binding procedure that seals under all effects that the content in the certified translation is a completely faithful reproduction of the original document.

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